Wellness for the Holidays: The Holiday Party Makeover

If it is not already, boosting healthy eating needs to be a very important part of your comprehensive program. Some 86 percent of healthcare costs include individuals with chronic ailments affected by nutrition like diabetes, obesity and heart disease. Excellent nutrition can help cure and even prevent these chronic illnesses.

But healthful eating can be challenging over the holiday season. The Majority of our festivities are built about food and drink, and not one of those “fresh vegetables and spring water” variety.     Included in the HR team, you might be on the planning committee to the office holiday party — that presents the challenge of ensuring everyone has a fantastic time when fostering healthy life decisions.

Do not lose your holiday spirit, though! Having a little thoughtful planning, you can revamp your holiday celebration to be healthier without cutting out the fun quotient. Follow these six tips that will help your workers enjoy a healthier holiday and fitter new calendar year.

Set Up Food-Free Zones

Separate the eating area from the interacting area. As guests mingle, they’re very likely to get engrossed in a conversation and forget to return. Believe food tables onto one side of the space and seating places on the opposite side or perhaps in a neighboring area.

Make Fruits and Veggies the Stars

Serve colorful, attractively arranged fruits and vegetables first and place them front and center. Studies indicate that people will consume more of those high-water, high quality foods when they are served. When you have dips, stick with the low carb, healthy varieties, like hummus, babaganoush or low-fat yogurt.

Better yet, encourage your catering business to be more plant-forward. It doesn’t have to be all crudite and dip — for instance, this rocks a strong taste palate without added salt or sugar.

Offer Little, Delectable Single-Serving Desserts

You do not have to cut candy out entirely, but assemble in portion control with something like . These mini desserts seem beautiful and taste divine. Party-goers can attempt one or 2 to get their candy fix. Just avoid using a desk covered with cakes or cookies — whatever that encourages loading up a plate rather than savoring a bite or two ought to be the menu off.

Serve Smarter Cocktails

The open bar  is a staple of corporate holiday parties, and one which may bring about poor conclusions about food (and lifestyle). Worse, mixed beverages are usually loaded with sugar causing employees to additional overload on carbs and pack on extra pounds. Rather than cutting workers off completely, instead give them a low sugar, low-alcohol signature cocktail since they input. It is going to have fewer calories and supply less chance to over-imbibe. Better yet — make sure you also provide low-sugar, non-alcoholic “mocktails” which are equally joyous and flavorful.

Offer Enriched Plates

When free food is offered buffet-style, people are habituated to fill their plates to the edges. You can help them overcome this psychological barrier by providing smaller plates. Guests will probably consume less without even realizing it, however, . And you will reduce waste from people whose eyes are bigger than their stomachs.

Plan Activities

Games make for a fun, memorable occasion and give guests something to do other than eat and drink. They are sometimes active, like dance-off machines and inflatable carnival games. Or they might be pure amusement, like a slow motion booth  along with  casino tables. You can even encourage fun departmental competition with old-fashioned arcade games such as   forcing simulators.     Not only does organized activities keep party-goers participated and assist in preventing overindulging, they encourage team building, which will be a plus.

Armed with these tips, you can support your corporate wellness program and help set up workers for success, with a holiday kick-off that awakens with pleasure and healthy choices.      

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