Found The Perfect Rainbow Wedding Shoes

I already bought my wedding dress, but I was having a really hard time deciding which shoes to buy to go with it. I had looked at several different shoes that were nice, but they were just too plain for me and not what I wanted to wear on my wedding day.

I went love lane website online and started searching for unique wedding shoes and that’s when I found rainbow wedding shoes. I really loved how unique these shoes were and since my dress was short, I wanted my shoe to stand out. I started looking for the perfect pair of rainbow wedding shoes to get for my special day.

I shopped at stores online so I could see the large variety of different shoes there were. I was also able to compare prices to find the best prices out there. I finally found a pair that I wanted, but before ordering them, I wanted to see if my friend thought they would look nice. She was going to be in my wedding and I wanted to get her opinion on them. After talking to her about them, I went ahead and ordered them. She really liked them too.

For the final touches to make my wedding attire complete, I needed to find jewelry. I wasn’t sure if I should choose color stones to wear or clear stones for my jewelry. Since my shoes were going to stand out I started thinking my jewelry should too. I finally found some colorful jewelry to wear on my wedding day. I really loved the jewelry and couldn’t wait to wear it.

Everything looked so great for my wedding day. I am happy with the way my shoes and my jewelry looked. I couldn’t have made a better choice than to add color into my wedding attire like this.