Hostess Recalls Holiday White Peppermint Twinkies Over Salmonella Fears

KANSAS CITY (CBS) – A recall is underway for many Twinkies simply because they might make people ill.

The Food claims dairy powder things that might be infected with Salmonella are contained by the confectionery layer on some Vacation Bright Hostess Twinkies.

Complete Recall Information

No Salmonella- illnesses have now been documented however. Salmonella may cause occasionally deadly and severe attacks within the yong, aged and ill.

The recall influences Bright Peppermint Hostess Twinkies (UPC 888109111571) offered in multipack containers.

The confectionery covering under consideration was additionally contained in Palmer candy-covered sweets that encounter recall, also.

Anybody who purchased the item that is valued must return it to get a complete reimbursement.