Holiday & Travel Brand Index

The Attest Brand Index is a platform agnostic step of a brand’s total brand equity at the Holidays & Travel sector, as determined by real customers.

What do we mean by ‘platform agnostic’? We mean no particular system like looking at networking mentions, or brand search provisions influences the results. This reduces bias and gives a far more accurate view of a brand’s strength in any given category.

To determine Travel Brand Index & the Holidays we examine three things.

  1. Percentage of unprompted brand recall within a named category e.g. ‘Gaming & Gambling’ ‘Snacks’ or ‘Entertainment’
  2. How likely a Man or Woman is to Buy your particular new (Purchase Intent)
  3. How likely a Man or Woman is to advocate your brand (Net Promoter score)

Our information is gathered every quarter from an internet survey sent to a panel of 1,000 UK customers aged 18-65.

Top 14 Holiday & Travel Brand Leaders by unprompted brand recall, ranked by Complete Brand Equity

  1. TUI
  2. Thomas Cook
  3. Virgin
  4. Expedia
  5. easyJet
  6. British Airways
  9. Trivago
  10. Emirates
  11. Haven
  12. First Choice
  13. Airbnb
  14. Ryanair

Key Findings

92 unique brands were called, which we believe to be an average breadth of recall, using a high number of product types chosen such as hotel booking agents, package vacation suppliers and airlines.

A brand needed 0.9 percent of unprompted brand recall to maintain the Top 14 manufacturers, and 2.1 percent to maintain the Top 10.

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Within the top brands mapped in the Holidays & Travel Brand Index, the normal fresh power score is 90.04. Haven has the most powerful at 166.67, although Thomas Cook has the weakest, with a power rating of 35.82.

Every brand at the best 14 had a new strength, revealing that individuals feel confident towards vacation and travel brands.

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The typical Entire Brand dividend score on the top 14 is this time together with TUI directing the way, using a rating of 1,210 thanks to its very notable unprompted brand recall 346 and following high profile campaigns.

The Brand Equity score is 270, which is a consequence of positive Promoter Scores throughout the board of all Travel & Holiday manufacturers recalled. Ryanair has the Brand Equity, at 50, due to its relatively low – however positive – NPS of 11%.

The overall Holidays & Travel sector Net Promoter score is 17.9%, and this is a fantastic indication that manufacturers are around the entire recalled with positive customer perceptions. The most frequently recalled brands are considered even more positively, with common NPS of 38%.

This is the way people explained the Holiday & Travel brands which came top of mind throughout unprompted brand recall:

The Entire Report

The report comprises:

  • The UK’s leading Holiday & Travel brands for Awareness, Purchase Intent and Internet Promoter Score
  • Entire Brand Strength and Complete Brand Equity indicator
  • Industry pitches and marketplace dynamics
  • Essential takeaways for your UK Holiday & Travel sector

This report is based on a nationally representative survey of 1000 people in the UK (aged 18+), surveyed between 2nd February 2018 – 4th February 2018.