A Peek Into My Holiday Travel Bag

We made it through the end of the month (almost)!   I am ready to rest and relax with my entire family for a week off in the shore. We are heading off to Aruba tomorrow for a while in sunlight together. I am frantically running about getting things packed now and thought it’d be fun to find a Peek Into My Holiday Travel Bag.

A Peek Into My Holiday Travel Bag

A Peek Into My Holiday Travel Bag

I snagged this adorable coral bag on a huge sale a few years back and it has become my go to travel tote. It matches all my necessities and then some. Here is what I’m taking along tomorrow.

A Lovely Work In Progress

I have been wanting to see book ever since I heard about it. I am sort of in awe of the fellow skirt sports ambassador. This girl completely rocks and I am excited to learn more about what motivates her. Perfect beach read!

SuperGoop Sunscreen set

I am attempting to be better about sunscreen like I have had a few little things removed my face this season. My dermatologist is going to be happy to know that I am taking along a set of my favorite sunscreens. is my go to for a few years now and I love this travel sized pair that comes in a cute little purse. (Amazon affiliate link)

A Peek Into My Holiday Travel Bag


My parents offered me these super fashionable Burberry sunglasses for Hanukkah and I will be rocking them on my beach chair.

My Notebook

Of course that is coming! I know I am late to the match but I have downloaded several episodes of The Crown as well as the movie “Home Again”. Sounds like the perfect airplane movie.

Peek Into My Holiday Travel Bag

Sugarfina Rose Gummy Bears Cocktail Place

Last but not least, this adorable little Sugarfina Rose Gummy Bear Cocktail set is holiday ready. Containing all we will need to produce a little Rose Champagne cocktail on the plane. A must have really!

Peek Inside My Holiday Travel Bag

Thank you for carrying a Peek Into My Holiday Travel Bag now. I am quite excited about lounging round pool side with my loved ones for another week and receiving some much needed rest.

Happy Holidays friends! Tell me your “have to have” in your travel bag?

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