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Customized trips to Thailand

The Golden Triangle 3 days/2 nights excursion in Northern Thailand

Thailand, an exotic land, rich in civilization and lifestyle. A country from nature. It gives a great deal of an climate that is unforgettable and entertainment, Thailand is an perfect holiday spot.

Maybe you have been on an elephant in the rainforest riding? Or had   authentic Thai massage at a luxury resort hotel? How about trekking in distant mountain ranges, walking across the rivers or seeing one of the temples? Thailand Tours can offer this all to you!

About Thailand Tours

Thailand Tours is part of Sawan Travel a travel service that was founded in Hua Hin, Thailand in 2006. With years of expertise in the travel sector in the East, we could organize any expertise. Sawan Travel operates simultaneously because technical organizer and the agent of the rest of Southeast Asia and travel businesses in Thailand.

Why choose us?

Unlike many different agencies in the East, we are a firm with employees experienced in international and local set-ups. We don’t advocate places we have not been to and because the business is located in Thailand, we can offer very reduced rates. We could put together larger excursions and perhaps even vacation experiences as wanted.   The only limit is your imagination!

Cheap vacations in Thailand

What is better than a visit to Thailand? A cheap and eventful visit to Thailand! Whether you select Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand, Bangkok in the area that is central or Krabi in the southeast, there are more than enough activities and landmarks to see, all for cash.