OAKS: Organizing for Vacation travel

I was told by A co-worker recently she had been stranded before daylight one morning. In the dark and scared, alone, she sat hoping somebody would stop to help and got from her vehicle. She watched heaps of cars speed by prior to a vehicle with three men. The sight of them all exiting the vehicle unnerved her more. Her tire changed and turned out, the three men were local pastors and got her on her way.

It made me think back to when I had been a woman and my loved ones pulled over on U.S. 59 near Diboll to aid a young couple together with the hood up on their automobile. They were newlyweds. I sat there at the backseat watching my father work under the hood at sunlight. After a while dad refused payment and everybody went their way.

Today, do it to enable a stranger appears to be a choice to make, particularly on the roadside. Having a car or flat trouble whenever you are currently driving occurs at the worst possible time and location. TxDOT has worked to provide places to stop for assistance or simply to rest.

The Texas Travel Information Centers are located and offer far more than a map and a restroom. There are also lovely state rest areas scattered across the state with lots of parking and room to extend your legs. In all, there are almost 100. It is possible to find their locations here: . I ask that you stop at one of these. It makes sense that if you are awake and rested, driving may make all of the difference in whether you arrive on your destination.

If you require it you’ll discover employees on duty at the travel facilities and help. For holiday drivers, they give a place to grab a rest or stretch your legs. The travel centers and rest areas will also be monitored with surveillance for added security.

I suppose I say all of this to say this: please don’t pull over on the road’s shoulder As you plan your vacation travels. Pull in to a nearby parking lot in case you’ve got a roadway emergency. Even better, find travel centre or a rest area. I don’t want anybody to be just another statistic on the roadway, that brings me to the next point.

I was shocked to find out the Nov. 7 marked a 17-year landmark in Texas. It’s been 17 years since Texas watched the deathless afternoon that is past on the roadways. Not all of them were travelers. Some might happen to be a neighbor or a loved one who went outside to run an errand. We need to #EndTheStreak of deaths on Texas streets. Please do your part. Doing your component comprises never driving if you are diminished tired, tired, texting or distracted at all.

Preparing for the holidays also means preparing for a trip, whether that excursion takes you tens of thousands of miles or just across town. Decide beforehand where you can stop and rest on the way. Because if you do have one at the dark with no telephone sign, you can just hope that a Good Samaritan or three wise men will stop to help be ready for crises.

Rhonda Oaks is your people

Information officer for the Lufkin district of TxDOT. Her email address is Rhonda.Oaks@txdot.gov.